Wordle Helper

Wordle is a simple word game created by a Software Engineer Wardle. I made this simple helper app to show remaining words in each step.

Demo: https://anwarulislam.github.io/wordle-helper/

I play Wordle game everyday. It’s really fun and simple. We can play only once in a day and we do not share the actual answer rather some square sign to show our result. This is something interesting about this game. That’s why it became a social game now.

When I play, I try to start with some known and easy word where we have maximum number of vowel. After trying three or four times I easily can guess the actual word. But, sometimes I can’t remember words to try. That’s why I thought it’s better to create a simple solution to show remaining words in each step. And I created this solution using JavaScript and VueJS

How it works?

It’s actually very straightforward. When we write a word in Wordle and submit the word we see three state of characters of that word. It can be PRESENT, ABSENT or CORRECT. Wordle hightlight those state with color. Correct is Green, Present is Orange, and Absent is Gray. After trying in wordle if you want to see all remaining words in Wordle Helper you have to write the word and you can change the state of characters of that word by taping on a single character. And after that you have to create on Next button to write next word. But, after clicking on a next button you will see a Show button to show remaining words of that step in a modal.

Wordle Helper - Anwarul Islam
Wordle Helper - Anwarul Islam


If you think there is a bug or something you can optimize feel free to make a pull request. And if you love the script give it a star ?


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