Yah Node.js SDK – includes libraries for SHIELD services and Function Blocks Configurations

SDK Usage

  1. To write a function,
npm install yah-node-sdk -s

Run Handler / Function using run method by importing functions sdk from yah-node-sdk.

import { functions } from "yah-node-sdk";

export block_name = (req, res) => {

// business logic

npm install yah-node-sdk

Before using shield, app need to be initialized.

Initialze the application using internals SDK

import { internals } from "yah-node-sdk";

		clientId:     process.env.CLIENT_ID,
		clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET,

Using the methods from shield sdk

import { shield } from "yah-node-sdk";

const SheildExampleHandler = async (req, res, next) => {
  try {
    // Get user details using shield
    const userDetails = await shield.getUser(req);

    // Get user uid using shield
    const userUID = await shield.getUID(req);

  } catch (error) {
    // handle the error

Run SheildExampleHandler using run method from funciton sdk.

import { functions } from "yah-node-sdk";


To run a function, There is 2 option

  1. Using CLI
yah start block_name

to start an individual block.


yah start

to start them all.

  1. Assigning a port manually using flags.

cd ./examples/functions-example/
node index.js --port=3000 

the above command will run function in port 3000

go to github.com/Yahilo/yah-node-sdk/tree/main/examples/shield-example to see more example.

Read Docs for advanced tooling


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